Sunday, 23 September 2012

Comment #1

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This was a very detailed and informative article regarding social media. I’m a person who is really behind the eight ball when it comes to this topic. I find facebook and tweeting quite foreign and I just recently started my first blog. It is very evident that in order to be current and on top of things in Public Relations you need to learn how to use these communication tools. I agree with a previous post that if you don't educate yourself you will be at a great disadvantage in this competitive world we live in. I am definitely in a learning curve when it comes to these social media platforms. This article made me realize how important it is and how some of the nation’s largest companies are using it. There is an expertise in this particular area that I lack and know I will have to be more open to exploring it. In order to keep up with changing times I have to continue to improve and educate myself and enhance my skills and qualities in social media.

PR is like the layers of an onion

It’s been a week since my last class and I've thought a lot this week about what Public Relations (PR) is. At times, I think I have it figured out and tried to look for examples of it working in the world around me. Then I would get confused and realize I don't quite have my head wrapped around it yet.  

I've tried to imagine how I would use PR in my day to day life. I know that PR is very elusive and has many layers like an onion. Each layer when removed reveals a different piece of the onion and all the layers put together make up the whole.  

I see now that I have used a small layer of the onion not even realizing that I was. I know it’s about relating to the public and building relationships but there is an underlying motive or reason to this. I now know that many times in my career I have done PR to build positive relationships between our organization and the public with the motive to change their perspectives and was successful.  

This week I was called a "Spin Doctor" by a dear friend of mine who became upset with me. They expressed it in a very negative tone. I was so surprised by this and immediately went home and did a search on "Spin Doctor." I proceeded to read that it’s another term used to describe Public Relations.  It’s a term that is meant to be derogatory implying blatant deceit and manipulation.  

I don't perceive PR as negative but rather a very optimistic way to deal with circumstances that have the potential to be very negative. The term spin sounds so deceitful but it was good to know that it has since shifted since the 1990's to describing it more to be a "polishing of the truth". I prefer this description much more than spin. 

There definitely was an internal shift for me to realize that some people view this profession as negative.  It has motivated me even more to delve in to really see how PR works. What came as a surprise to me is that PR is so elusive. That it has so many definitions and can be difficult to define or understand. I used to believe that it was very simple and straight forward.

I look forward to really studying and researching PR to the point of recognizing it in the world around me and a greater desire to become more skilled at it.