Sunday, 18 November 2012

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Comment #4

We are just in the midst of understanding tactics in our PR course and so this article was nice to read to gain a greater understanding of the difference between strategies and tactics. I particularly liked how this article has specifically indicated a definition for both strategy and tactics. Strategy is a careful plan or method, a clever stratagem and tactic is a device for accomplishing an end. When I think in terms of my line of work, which is law enforcement, I know when we are faced with potential volatile encounters we have to quickly think of a plan or method to deal with the situation. Once we have determined the method we have, on our person, several devices to tactically apply to stop the threat. I see this as the action that will be the means with which the plan is executed. For example, we may decide that we have to use our OC Spray to stop the threat. I would then reach into my belt, pull out the device, spray it in the perpetrators face, and successfully execute the method accomplishing an end. This is my way of understanding understand the strategy and the tactics and definitely have a better grasp on the differences

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