Sunday, 4 November 2012

Comment #3

Article Link: Promote Your Blog

I just started a blog post and after reading this article I realize there is a lot you can do to improve it. I read all the 30 steps and still don't understand some of what they are suggesting to do but, I'm going to learn. The one suggestion that did stick out with me is have your own voice and be authentic because there is only one you. I like that suggestion. Now, the challenge is to figure out what that voice is, what my opinions are and how to translate it into a blog to make it interesting to readers. I also find a challenge in writing and freely expressing my ideas. 

I've worked in an organization for almost nineteen years where the saying goes "just the facts man, just the facts." We are not really entitled to freedom of words or our opinions. It a very policy, jargon based, legal driven organization and can stifle the creative side to a person. So, I have to keep in mind this is a much more open environment to creatively flow with my words and writing. I will have to practice, practice, and practice until I just go with the flow. Hopefully that will come in time.


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