Saturday, 17 November 2012

Targeting Tactics for Targets First Opening!

Tactics (or tools) in Your Tool Box
Yes, Target is coming to Canada as stated in an article in The Associated Press. It plans to open 135 stores in Canada beginning 2013. This will be quite the competition for its rival Wal-Mart and a good PR campaign is absolutely essential to its success. The PR professional has a number of tactics in their tool box however; the challenge is in choosing the right one to meet your objectives. The tactics are the specifics and I see them as the "action plans" that are determined by the campaign your involved in.

Now thinking in terms of a retail store such as Target if launched correctly, a successful PR campaign for their first opening can pay off in a big way. The question is how do you develop potential tactical ideas to generate buzz and excitement around their first store opening and motivate Canadian consumers to engage with this American retailer. The potential tactics that could be used are media relations, events, websites, video news releases, newsletters and competitions.

But, when utilizing these tactics, I believe it's not enough to just say that your store is opening and that you are giving special discounts. An important question here is, are your tactics going be able to reach your target market? When you think about media, In order to grab their interest in your first store opening I think the key is to position yourself as a news story. This will give you a huge advantage on your competition.

To gain the interest of the press you need to think about what they want. What would grab their interest about Targets opening? Is there a powerful Canadian angle that you can include or a human interest story? Or, how about a charity you can tie in where part of the opening day profits go to benefit a charity. How is it going to benefit the economy and what does Target have to bring to Canada?

Ask questions like, what is unique or different about what Target has to offer compared to other stores, for example Wal-Mart. Well, according to The Associated Press article the cheap-chic chain cites its new price matching program and a holiday collection partnership with luxury department store Neiman Marcus. This is definitely unique to Target and an area that you can focus on and promote. It speaks to how much Targets profits are increasing and how successful it is in business.

When I ask questions like these I think hard about my tactics. However, always remember that you don't have to create a new-fangled tactic because you think its going to be so cool or current. You should keep in mind to only use tools that will "best suit" your campaign and meet your objectives.

In conclusion, creativity is going to be your best friend when you use tactics and we certainly don't want Canadians to think it’s just another Wal-Mart coming and wondering what the big deal is!


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