Sunday, 2 December 2012

Its the final one.!!

Stategic PR Plan Assignment:  Northern Gateway

Well, it has been a twelve week journey that involved a wide learning curve and I must say, I believe I got it. It still takes a bit of work but I do know that with time and practice I can only get better.

The final assignment that I chose is a very passionate issue for me and once I started it really flowed. In this PR campaign my angle is to play on the reallness of the issue and make it personal to the audience.

It was great working with the whole class and the instructor who was extremely patient and sensitive to the learning curve that most of us were experiencing.

So, having said all that, I wish the best to everyone who continues on their journey in the PR field and it was a blast.

Thanks Samantha.!


  1. I enjoyed our PR class immensely. You did a wonderful job presenting, as you always do Rose. Hoping to see you in January.

    1. The same to you Therese..You have a great energy and I absolutely loved how you co-ordinated your outfit to your presentation..I really enjoyed your presentation as well..You did tons of research and had some great tactics..You should approach the Bay downtown with that..They could use a boost..!